cannot view variables pane

In the instructions regarding the variables pane, pycharm documentation simply says:

The Variables pane enables you to examine the values stored in the objects of your application.When a stack frame is selected in the Frames pane, the Variables pane displays all data within its scope (method parameters, local and instance variables). In this pane, you can set labels for objects, inspect objects, evaluate expressions, add variables to watches and more.


well, what is the variables pane isn't there in the first place.  I've been using pycharm for 8 years but i rarely mess with the setting since they are so hard to remember where everything is. however, i had to reset pycharm to default settings and now the variables pane is missing and i cannot find it.

See attachment for what my debugger looks like. 


Also, there is a way to examing frames, watches, console and variables all in the debugger on the same level.  that is with one button click i can toggle from watches to console to variable etc.  but now it's set up such that in order to toggle from console to watches, i have to click on a pane which splits the watches and the frames.  but i don't want a split frame, i want to either see only frames or only watches. how do i solve this?


Upload id: 2022_10_01_24SDDMgkrdNNqexB9fnR5k (file: Screen Shot 2022-10-01 at 6.21.22 AM.png)



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