Upgrading PhpStorm does nothing on ubuntu

I am running PhpStorm 2022.2.1 on ubuntu 22.04.

when i click Help -> Check for updates -> Update and restart

I see a downloading patch files action at the bottom. Once finished nothing happens and if i shut it down and start it again PhpStorm stays on 2022.2.1. 

I was looking for another way to upgrade but do not seem to find one and i would rather not download a new install if this feature is supposed to work. Could you please confirm why it is failing and what to do?

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It may not be obvious but there is a notification that appears after the patch is downloaded and requires your attention. Sometimes, it can be covered by other notifications, but you may bring notifications tool pane with "View > Tool Windows > Notifications" and then click "restart" there to procced with the update:

Does it work for you?


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