PyCharm - location of Find and Find in files

I made the mistake of trying to search for an extremely big string and ever since then, each time I try to find or find in files, the IDE slows to a crawl. It is clearly an issue with that big string that's still in the search history. I am running 2022.2 on Mac and the only references I found to where this history lives are for Windows and 2017 (One of those is for PHPStorm, but I assume that all IntelliJ IDEs work the same).

I already tried invalidating all caches but it didn't help. Is there any documentation on where the files live (and which one I care about), so I could edit them?

Thanks in advance

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I ended up searching all files for part of the string and found the location as of 2022.2:

"/Library/Application Support/JetBrains/PyCharmCE2022.2/workspace/"

There are 2 XML there, one of those has the find and the replace nodes (they are separate nodes). Delete the entries from each node with PyCharm closed and presto.



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