CLion warning without any way to disable it



I posted this on StackOverflow (with a screenshot) but got no answer, so trying here...

I'm getting the following (probably) inspection warning in CLion: warning: bitwise operation between different enumeration types is deprecated

There is no context menu option to disable it and I can't find it anywhere in the settings. I can see the warning popup window (see screenshot) when I hover over it with the mouse, but there isn't any information there except the warning text (no error code, intention name or anything at all that gives me a clue as to where this warning comes from)... very strange.

I thought it comes from C++20 compiler warning C5054 from the MSVC compiler so I tried to disable it in CMake with target_compile_options(engine PRIVATE -wd5054) but it didn't work.

Note: it bothers me since it appears all over my code and I fix the original code that causes it since it comes from in an external library.

Any idea how do I disable this annoyance?



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I found the following Eigen issue - Maybe it's related and you need to update Eigen? 

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Hi Anna,

Thanks for responding.

I changed my project to use C++17 instead of C++20 and this still happens so I guess it's not related.

Either way, even if it was related, there should be some way for me to disable these warnings, but as I mentioned there is no indication to what causes this "weak warning"... is it an inspection? a compiler warning? Usually there is something that indicates where the message comes from but I can't find anything - there is just the warning and nothing else.

Attaching another screenshot... (this time built with C++17).

Many thanks,


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This warning comes from clangd ( and is a part of File | Settings | Editor | Inspections | C/C++ | General | Clangd errors and warnings. In terms of inspection disabling, you can disable only Clangd errors and warnings all together. But you can configure clangd diagnostic flags in File | Settings | Languages & Frameworks | C/C++ | Clangd.


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