How to create JBCefBrowser with CefRequestContextHandler?


Faced the following problem:
I need to put some javascript in the page every time the content is loaded in the JBCefBrowser and org.cef.handler.CefRequestHandler#getResourceRequestHandler - helped me a lot with this.

Unfortunately, org.cef.handler.CefRequestHandler is useless in situations where Service Workers are used and we have to use org.cef.handler.CefRequestContextHandler as said in .

So, the problem is - I am unable to find a way to create JBCefBrowser with custom CefRequestContextHandler...

As following from your API the most convenient way to create a JBCefBrowser is something like that:


But there are no parameters/methods to set/add custom CefRequestContextHandler.

Could you please advise how to proceed in this case?

Best regards, Andrew.

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Forwarded, please allow some time for answer. Thanks.

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Hello! Unfortunately current api doesn't allow to create JBCefBrowser with custom CefRequestContextHandler. This possibility will be implemented in 23.1 (

The workaround is to create browser like this:

CefRequestContext context = ...;
JBCefClient client = JBCefApp.getInstance().createClient();
JComponent comp = JBCefOSRHandlerFactory.DEFAULT.createComponent();
CefRenderHandler handler = JBCefOSRHandlerFactory.DEFAULT.createCefRenderHandler(comp);
CefBrowserOsrWithHandler browser =
new CefBrowserOsrWithHandler(client.getCefClient(), "about:blank", context, handler, comp, null, null);
// Call via reflection (because JBCefOsrComponent isn't public):
builder = JBCefBrowser.createBuilder().setOffScreenRendering(true).setClient(client).setCefBrowser(browser);
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Thank you very much I will be waiting for 23.1 )


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