How to diagnose UI freezes


I have reports of UI freezes caused by my plugin:

The code makes several network calls which may take longer. But everything is run in a Runnable either via  `ProgressManager.getInstance().runProcessWithProgressAsynchronously()` using a `BackgroundableProcessIndicator` or via `ApplicationManager.getApplication().executeOnPooledThread`.

How do I best diagnose this? I have been unable to reproduce this locally so I'm stumped. Thank you!


Nobody? I can't be the only one with this problem. I don't ask for a solution, just for advice how to get there (although a solution would be nice...). The code is here:


There should be threadDumps-freeze-XXX directories with exact stacktraces during freeze in IDE log directory.

Btw you should build against lowest supported IDE version (203.4203.26): and upgrade to Gradle 7.5.1


Argh, I should've thought of that myself. Thanks, Yann Cebron

That helped. I'll make the changes you proposed, thanks for looking.


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