Pycharm CE: mouse pointer have white glow when nightshift mode turn on (macos)

MacOS Catalina 10.15.7
PyCharm CE 2022.2.2
Build #PC-222.4167.33, built on September 15, 2022
Runtime version: 17.0.4+7-b469.53 x86_64

After update up to 2022.2.2 i got problem when mouse pointer has own glow effect which is not compartible with other picture on screen. Problem goes when i use "nightshift display mode" or use programs like f.lux to make my screen looks good for night time (nightshift/f.lux block blue diods on screen and it makes more red). All work good, but not for mouse pointer: this guy has white color and own blue glow near it, which looks ugly (on totally red monitor with nightshift/f.lux turned on).

What is interesting: that problem only in fullscreen IDE mode (not when it like window), and also there is no any problems when i use external monitor (and open on it IDE in fullscreen mode).


Hi, could you please report the issue to and provide:

- Logs from **Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data**

- Screenshot to demonstrate the issue


Well, done:

Also i try to make video, but can't download it because of max size in youtrack (it gives only 95mb size file to be attached)


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