"Import failed. Can't access file." after upgrade to 2022.2.5


I am on Mac M1 Pro and using the latest Apple Silicon version:

  • Version: 2022.2.5
  • Build: 222.4345.5
  • 28 September 2022

I am trying to use the import feature to import data from my local DB into a remote DB. All the credentials and access rights are correct (I have full control over both databases). This used to work until two days ago, when I upgraded to the latest version.

I am now trying to find an older version to confirm the update caused the issue, but I am 90% sure.

Googling the exact error message didn't yield any results, thus this thread.


It does indeed seem to work with 2022.1.5 Build #DB-221.5787.39, built on June 6, 2022


Hello Svemir,

It seems like a known issue related to a significant amount of records in tables https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/DBE-16440/Cant-access-file-while-trying-to-import-7M-rows-table-from-PostgreSQL-to-Redshift

How many records are in the tables you're attempting to import?

In order to narrow down this issue, you can do a test and try to import a table with a small number of records (below 100) if you have one or otherwise, create a test table having that amount of records.

To get to the very bottom of it, we'll also need to analyze the logs. You can get them from Help - Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data. Upload the logs here


Please provide the upload id in the ticket and we'll get to you back upon analysis.

Alexander Molchanov
JetBrains, DataGrip


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