Prevent files from being moved to Subversion changelists


I use TortoiseSVN to commit my changes and it's getting complicated because PhpStorm moves the files I edit from the IDE to its default changelist, so my changes end up split in two different locations: "(no changelist)" and whatever changelist I set as default. Is there a way to disable this behaviour in PhpStorm?

I hadn't used Subversion for some time and I can't remember how I fixed this in the past.


You can right click on a changelist and choose "Set Active Changelist"


Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, but that only changes the changelist where PhpStorm moves the files to. I've renamed "Default Changelist" to "PhpStorm" so at least I get a clue of why my files get there, but it isn't ideal.

Interestingly, it only seems to happen in one of my Subversion projects. I need to figure out how they differ.


I am sorry, it seems that there is a misunderstanding from my side. 
You can right-click on "Default changelist" -> Delete Changelist and shouldn't appear in TortoiseSVN anymore

delete default changelist

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