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What about launching a channel which, instead of concentrating on features, tells about the ** best practices by year ** (i.e. 2022) - there are so many possibilities (Local apache2, Development Server, Remote, Vagrant, Docker,  etc.) but what features would you use if you were a (php) programmer? - 

For example in my case configuring the sophisticated of xdebug/step debugging feature - with debug server validation is still an absolute nightmare - despite all documentation and videos - where you find a lot of obsolete information (I've got it running already several times, but I'm still loosing every time multiple hours just  to get there. Debugging with just the simplest features in PHP seems sometimes much more efficient)


PhpStorm 2022.2.3

PHP 8.1.6 Development Server (http://localhost:8080) started

Xdebug Version 3.1.5
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That doesn't seem to be necessary. Once you get how xdebug works & is set up, you can get it up running in no time.

To add on that: we're going to improve the usability of the debug validator: & 

There are other ideas we have in mind that would allow simplifying development environments setup, so stay tuned. 


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