How can I change default explorer?


I've been using pycharm for the last 2 years and yet this is my very first post. I hope I can find some solutions..

I've been trying to find a way to change the default file explorer to 'directory opus'. You know when right-click on a project or a project file and Open in > Explorer, it opens in windows' file explorer, which I never use.

So how can I set directory opus as default file explorer when opening a project file?

Thanks in advance!




The embedded file explorer can't be changed I'm afraid, but you can create a so-called "external tool" that can run custom executables with predefined dynamic parameters from within the IDE.

You can then assign a shortcut to this tool and use it instead to open files in Opus.

See example below for Notepad++:


Thank you! I'll try that!


that actually worked like a charm! Thanks again!


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