Fix selection on click/double click/triple click like old versions

I had to reinstall my computer and installed the latest version of PHPStorm. There are few things I haven't been able to fix, hoping someone can help me out here.


1. When I click once in PHPStorm to move the text caret, move the mouse to another line, and click again, it acts like I double-clicked on the target. It results in selecting more than I expected and is different than most other editors.

Example: I click once on the 3rd line, then once on the second line, but the second line has a selection made instead of just moving the caret. Video:


2. If I select text like above (click twice to make selection), and then click a THIRD time, it selects the entire row. Again this happens even if I move my cursor, which is the main problem.

Video of me clicking 3rd row twice, then 2nd row once:


3. I can't explain this one, seems like maybe just a bug. Random pieces of code get highlighted when my text cursor is in certain areas.




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The first and second seem to have the same root cause as if the second/third click is detected as a double click.
I cannot reproduce this locally, no matter how fast I click - it always moves the caret instead of producing a selection.
Apart from the mouse you are using, is there any different input device you can try that with?
Also, please specify the OS that you are using.

The third issue seems to be broken indexes. Could you please check if it's reproducible after File | Invalidate Caches | Invalidate and Restart?


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