Errors sometime shown at the top or bottom when running code

I'm new to PyCharm (but not IDEs).

So, I'm running a lot of very simple code to learn Python.

I have some test code and I've noticed that PyCharm sometimes shows errors at the top of the Run window and sometimes at the bottom. When there's a long output, this makes it difficult to see errors if they show up at the top of the output as they scroll by very quickly or don't appear at all unless I scroll backwards through the output.

I can also replicate this just by clicking the "Run" button repeatedly, without any changes to the code or the window.


How can I get the errors to always show at the bottom of the output?


I'm running PyCharm 2022.2.2 Community / Build #PC-222.4167.33 / WIndows 10 Pro



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Sounds like , but it should have been fixed as far as in 2019.3

Could you please submit a new bug report with a sample to reproduce the issue?

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Issue submitted - thanks for the response. :)


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