[SOLVED] Pop-ups rendering issue in PyCharm

There is an issue with PyCharm Community on my Mac OS.

I've tried updating OS, updating and reinstalling PyCharm, disabling all third-party plugins so far.

The problem is when I open any pop up window or menu (such as search window on Cmd+Shift+F or a context menu), it is not rendered correctly in case if the cursor is inside of the window/menu at the moment of opening.

First screenshot is a search window when it's opened with a cursor inside of this box.

The second screenshot is the same window, but if the mouse pointer is outside at the moment of pressing Cmd+Shift+F.

Even if the UI is not rendered, opened windows are still responsive (for example, if the context menu isn't rendered, you can still click on any of menu items, even if it is not visible).


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Hi Andrey Resler

Yeah, I've disabled Metal rendering via VM options and it worked like a charm! ✨

Why didn't I ask it before.. I was struggling for a month or two


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