Exporting triggers?


I can use the datasource tree to see tables, views, functions, and procedure groups.  If I right click, I can generate the SQL for all the objects (e.g. all procedures) into a console window.

How do I generate the SQL for all of the trigger objects?    In a competitor's tool, triggers shows up under the datasource tree just as procs and functions do.  But in datagrip I am not seeing this.



Hello Richard,

What database vendor are you using? For example, MySQL shows triggers under tables in Database Explorer and you can request DDL for these objects.


Hi Richard,

To start investigating your issue, please specify the database vendor in question. If you don't see triggers listed as database objects in DataGrip, then the following need to be taken into consideration:

1. check that you've established the connection to the exact same database where those triggers were configured

2. if you connected to the database and they're not listed, please use the native database connector supplied by the vendor and connect using the same user credentials as in DataGrip.


We are using Sybase ASE.  And Triggers shows as an object group when we are using Idera RapidSQL, but not when we are using DataGrip.  We are, however, seeing procedures (labeled as "procedure groups"), and functions.  So it's not a matter of a failed connection.


Thanks for the update.

So you're stating that it's the same user account being used for Sybase ASE in Datagrip and when connected via the native Administration and Management console. If that's correct, please try to create a test trigger in DataGrip. To do this, please select File - Query Console. Hover directly to the console area and right-click on it. Select Generate from the drop-down and custom-tailor the statement for any table of your choice

Upon executing the SQL statement, please navigate to that table in Database Explorer and expand it to see its tree elements. Can you find a trigger container with the trigger you just created?

Please also upload recent logs to our server and send us the upload id afterward:



Having license problems with DataGrip at the moment.  I will try when those get resolved.


Ok.  If I expand a table, there is a group for triggers, and I can see the triggers for that table.

There is still no top level group for triggers where they are all listed (and could generate the sql for all of them at once).


Also ... I do not have a native administration console.  I have DataGrip, and RapidSQL (by Idera).  With RapidSQL there is a group called triggers that shows all of the triggers in the database.



Thanks for clarifying that.

We do have this feature implemented into Datagrip. All you need to do is click on Show Options Menu in Data Explorer and select Place Constraints and Similar Objects under Schema from the drop-down.

When this option is checked, you should see missing tree elements in triggers. If this option is unavailable from the drop-down, please ensure you have the latest version installed.


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