Split View in Plugin Window


I develop a plugin that adds another tab to a FileEditor. When I move another editor into the window of my plugin to create a split... Nothing happens.

I created this screenshot for clarity. I dragged the readme.html from the left Split View to the bottom of the right Split View which has a tab crated by my plugin but instead of splitting the view the readme.html just snaps back to the left Split View.

Upload id: 2022_10_27_fX2AaU9T8KpehjSWR7yzAR (file: Bildschirm­foto 2022-10-27 um 18.08.51.png)

Do I have to do something spacial in my plugin so creating another split in its window works?


Is this maybe a general behavior? I just had the same experience with CSV files which have a "Text" and "Data" view.


No. Maybe the issue with the platform since no method of my FileEditor is called that could course this behavior.


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