PyCharm not loading file structure in open dialog

I have the same problem as described here in 2018 Open file dialog is stuck on loading forever... ??? pls help – IDEs Support (IntelliJ Platform) | JetBrains

I installed PyCharm 2022.2 on Windows 11 about one week ago and was able to open a project back then. Today, however, I cannot open another project, because the loading of the file structure gets stuck:

Even after a couple of minutes, loading does not proceed.

I did a reinstallation of PyCharm, but this did not fix the problem. As a possible fix, I set ``, but Windows native file dialog does not allow me to select a folder. Thus, I could not open a project folder.

I have a couple of network drives, which could impact the loading.

Anybody an idea how to fix it?



For your information:


Restarted my PC and the problem got solved...


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