Can't see Code Author option in inlay hints PyCharm

I can't see any inlay hint or code authors in my code. 

I the settings Prefences | Editor | Inlay Hints I don't see the options such as Code vision.

Any ideas whats the problem?

Here is an image of my available settings


I did some reaserch and found out that there isn't an option for inlay hints in PyCharm such as there is in IntelliJ, but I still don't have the option for Code Author in PyCharm. Please help 


Hi, what is your version? Have you tried in the latest ?


I use the newest version 2022.1.4 and yes I downloaded the official version from jetbrains site. But still there's no option like this what I have in intellij :(


2022.1.4 is an outdated version. The latest version is 2022.2.3 and can be downloaded from

If the issue persists in 2022.2.3, could you please provide Logs from **Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data**? 

You can use uploading service at , and provide upload ID in your reply.


It worked :D
I have always been updating the app whenever there was an available update, seems weird.
I uninstalled the app and installed it again and the option appeared. 
Thanks friend!


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