Starting new on Win 11 with or without WSL?

I'm getting started on a new Win 11 Pro machine with WSL2 installed.

I'd like to setup an AMP stack and wondering if I should use my XLD and snap on WSL2 (pointer to directions?) or just install an AMP package (recommendation on which one)?

I think it would be cool to do dev w/ WSL2, so that's my preference, but don't want to go down that path if the setup will be difficult and maintaining and running will be cumbersome.

Thanks in advance.


We can't advise one over another for any objective reasons. It goes down to personal preferences.


Thanks Dmitry Tronin I guess I'm just asking what's the easiest and there might be instructions for somewhere on the Jetbrains site/forums (that I've not been able to find).


I see now, thanks for the clarification. Going with an AMP package is IMO easier since you don't have to deal with a layer of virtualization & cross-OS specifics, f.e. getting your host IP address seen by WSL:

Also, we don't have a guide for WSL2, but we have one for AMP packages:


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