PhpStorm not starting after update on mac os x


I have IntelBase macbook Pro with os x 10.15.6

I had phpstorm 2020.3 installed and upgraded to the newest version. Now phpstorm not starthing. Even splash screen not appear.

When I start phpstorm from terminal, nothing show in console. There is no logs in log directory. No logs in user home. Nothing shows.

I have java jre installed:

patrykzajac ❯ java --version
openjdk 18.0.2 2022-07-19
OpenJDK Runtime Environment Homebrew (build 18.0.2+0)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM Homebrew (build 18.0.2+0, mixed mode, sharing)

The same thing has place when I try to run webstorm. I have also pycharm/inteliij/clion and it is working. I have no idea what can I do. 

I tried to change JAVA_HOME to jre 11, but nothign has changed.


Please help me,

Thank you in advance.


When I start phpstorm from terminal, nothing show in console.

How exactly are you launching it?  We have an article on this, please make sure you're launching the way it is described there.

Yes I launch it as in article and nothing happens



Please try to remove your current IDE installation (your existing settings would remain), then install IDE either from our standalone installer or using JetBrains Toolbox app. Check if that helps.


I installed WebStorm first time on this mac ant the same thing happen. I discovered that when I enter to jbr folder in application, and try to check java version, nothing happen.
I type ./java -version and it can stay for an hours without any output…


That's weird. 

1) check if a Mac restart helps

2) check if any of the previous IDE version are able to start. You can find them here


Ad 1: No
Ad 2: I have already downgraded to version 2020.3 (installed previously) and it isn’t starting.


Check if deleting everything inside ~/Library/Application Support/JetBrains/PhpStorm2020.3 helps, but please do not delete the directory, just leave it empty.


The same behavior, nothing changed


I have also pycharm/inteliij/clion and it is working.

What are the versions of these IDEs? Could you please check if running ./java -version from the jbr folders of these applications works?
Btw, how did you install IDEs? Where they all installed the same way? 
Would it help if you install PhpStorm using a Toolbox App?

All are installed the same way, download dmg file and put it in Application folder.

Yes I can run ./java -version in Intellij Proffesional

patrykzajac ❯ ./java -version
openjdk version "11.0.15" 2022-04-19
OpenJDK Runtime Environment JBR- (build 11.0.15+10-b2043.56)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM JBR- (build 11.0.15+10-b2043.56, mixed mode)

I have IntelliJIdea2022.1 version

I can't even start Toolbox App, the same thing happen. Even if I try to run it from console, nothing shows...


That's a strange behavior. Sadly I'm running out of suggestions here. Would resetting your mac back to factory defaults be an option?


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