[42501] ERROR: permission denied for relation <table>


Hello! I'm new here and with DataGrip, I installed the platform yesterday and today I connected to a Redshift cluster for the first time. I can see all databases and schemas available in the cluster, however, when I try to run a simple select in any tables in a schema, I get the message:

"[42501] ERROR: permission denied for relation answer"

This is select I'm running:

As you can see, the table "answer" is available under the dwh schema:

And I get this error:

Any idea what's happening? Do I need to change any settings since it's a fresh install?

All help is appreciated!

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There is something to do with Postgres permissions like https://stackoverflow.com/a/15522548/8203759

Check the all necessary rights are delegated to the database and table. 



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