How well does PyCharm Docker Remote Interperter Work?

I am trying to set up Docker as a remote interpreter and I am getting stuck on 'Getting Remote Interpreter'  which is strange as I can see the environment come up in docker and the application works just fine as per the logs.   While I investigate the reason it gets stuck I was wondering what I should expect if I can get this work?   
1)If I may make changes to the python files I assume they will run immediately like if I run them on a local python environment and not require a full docker build like they would if python files were outside the container?
2)Should I expect to run in debug mode with break points etc.  

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Do you follow this guide to create a Docker interpreter?

It's important that PyCharm creates a new container, when an application is executed in any way. Whether it's running, debugging, running with coverage, testing - each execution requires a new container.

Please let me know if you have any questions. 





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