Don't ask to search from the top, just search!


While using the search functionality within a file, pressing the `F3` key searches for following occurrences. When there are no more matches found, there is a popup stating to press `F3` again to search from the top.

Is there a way to skip this popup, and simply search again from the top, so that I don't have to press `F3` this extra time?


Unfortunately there isn't. But there's a feature request to introduce one: Please vote for it in order to get notified about its updates & increase its priority. 


Many thanks for this quick update, I didn't manage to find that issue when I was searching yesterday. I've added my vote, hopefully this will be implemented at some point :-)


Definitely second this. It is sooo frustrating - every time my brain has to stop and think what is going on: is it really just 1 occurrence?

Especially I use Ctrl+F3 to search the word that my caret is in, without having to select the word, then keep going by pressing F3 with Ctrl being held, it is just stuck at the last occurrence. Very annoying.


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