Resolving conflicts on git merge


While resolving conflicts on git merge, I work with three columns:

left is the branch I merge into

right is the merged branch

middle is the result

Suddenly all the conflicts in the middle tab include both the text from left and right with the text:

<<<<<<<<< Temporary merge branch 1
content x
content y
>>>>>>>>>  Temporary merge branch 2
content z

It reminds me the way you resolve git conflicts in the terminal, it was not the way conflicts were displayed in PyCharm before

What happened? Is it something related to the branches, Is it some configuration in PyCharm?




It might be a bug, but it also could be specifics of the merge.

IntelliJ request content for left, right and middle panes from git. For the central pane, it requests the content of a file from git index, and for complex merges, git could return the content with the markers.

What exact merge do you perform?
What does git cat-file --filters :1:s<path/to/file> show in the console when Merge dialog displays conflict markers?


It just went away without me changing anything


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