Pycharm professional remote docker interpreter with double hop

Hi All,

I'm trying to create a remote interpreter using docker on a remote server. To access the remote server I first need to ssh to intermediate server i.e. local --> server_1 --> destination server. So at first step I used tunnelling: ssh -L <LISTEN PORT>:<DESTINATION SERVER PORT>:22 <USER NAME>@<SERVER 1 HOSTNAME>.

for the example below LISTEN PORT is 6622.

Next I have defined docker deployment with the following ssh config:

And the connection attempt hangs. This is happening with both pycharm 2021.2.2 version and 2021.3.3 version. The reason why I'm using such old versions is due to open bug that debugger hangs when using docker remote interpreter and the workaround suggestion was to downgrade to 2021.3.3.


local OS: MAC OS

remote server OS: linux

Please help this is really annoying especially for pycharm professional users.


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Hi, it seems like the SSH config is failing to connect when you press Test Connection, is that right?

This may require some investigation. I suggest sumitting an issue to and provide some additional data:

- logs from **Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data** after reproducing the issue
- The relevant block from your SSH config file
- The output of connecting from terminal and executing some remote command, e.g. `ssh localhost -p 6622 date`

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