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Hi Rahul,

I don't know any list like this. All the languages are provided by plugins, and the list is dynamic depending on what plugins are installed in a given IDE instance.

As a workaround, If you want to check languages, you can set up an IntelliJ Platform Plugin project (https://plugins.jetbrains.com/docs/intellij/creating-plugin-project.html), and add in plugin.xml language extension point, e.g.:

<localInspectionTool language="<caret>" ...

and invoke completion. IDE will show the completion popup with the list of languages available in the configured development IDE instance.

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Would the code completion in this case list all the references to `com.intellij.lang.Language` instances available in a given IDE at runtime?

If that is so, from what one can see at https://plugins.jetbrains.com/docs/intellij/language-and-filetype.html#define-a-filetype, for an approximation of the list of supported languages e.g. for community edition, one can grep the codebase from Github with something like 

rg 'class \w+ (extends|:) Language ' .   | grep -vE "/test(Src)?(s)?/"


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Hi Alexander,

No, it will complete languages that are registered in plugin dependencies. E.g., if you add a dependency on org.intellij.plugins.markdown plugin, it will appear in the completion.

Regarding searching for it in the repository, I don't think it is that easy. There can be intermediate parent classes, etc.

Why would you even need such a list? What is the use case?


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