SSH/FTP IDE Settings Sync

Hello, I have 2 places where I should work and also a laptop, so 3 differents computers, I'm continuously adding  FTP / SSH deployments servers, I use github for sync projects between 3 computers but it's really a pain adding continuously new FTP / SSH on every machine 

I wonder if there is any option to sync also this features or atleast, some kind of trick to send me manualy a phpstom config file where all ftp/ssh are stored 



Deployment configurations can be Project-specific or Global, controlled by a "Visible only for this project" checkbox in a deployment configuration settings.

Project-specific configurations are then stored in a project's .idea/deployment.xml file.

Global are at IDE_Config_folder/options/webServers.xml


Another thing to consider: your deployment configurations could use SSH Configurations. They also can be project-specific or global.

Project ones are stored in project's .idea/webServers.xml file.

Global are at IDE_Config_folder/options/sshConfigs.xml.


So ideally you would need to sync all of them. On a related note, IDE version 2022.3 would come with a new Settings Sync solution & it would sync your globally configured settings (including deployment) for you.


great!! in that case, I will wait for the new .3 version, thanks! 


You're welcome :)

Let us know here if something wouldn't work for you with this new version.


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