Loading plugin without installing it - is it possible ?



Is it possible to configure Idea to load a plugin without installing it ? I am working with Idea (CLion, to be more precise, but I am assuming the mechanism is defined in Idea) installation which is used by other users. I'd like to develop a plugin for my personal use. I'd like to launch it for my user account and don't want other users to be influenced by installing the plugin on Idea. Is it possible to configure my user account's Idea files to load plugin\s ? If there is a documentation how to do this, I'll be grateful for a link.

Thanks :-)

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Hi, it's possible to only load your plugins in your user account, I assume your CLion is under /Applications, then you can create your own plugin directory and edit your CLion's VM parameters by menu Help > Edit Custom VM Options...

then in the clion.vmoptions file, you can add a line to let it point your own plugin directory:


Then you can put your plugin(usually packaged as a jar or zip file) in that directory.

Also, if you can, you might do this by simply using the JetBrains Toolbox app and install a CLion IDE there, then the plugins will be installed without other users to be influenced.



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