Is there a way to run com.intellij.ide.browsers.JavaScriptDebuggerStarter with JBCefBrowser?



Could you please guide me on the following question:

I would like to connect javascript debugger with JBCefBrowser opened inside IDE, is there a way to do it?

As I can see, JavaScriptDebuggerStarter depends on the WebBrowser, which in turn depends on the specific BrowserFamily. Is it possible to consider JBCef as a google-chrome browser family?


Hello! What exactly are you trying to achieve? You don't need to use JavaScriptDebuggerStarter to connect to a browser. You may use to connect, you need to know host and port for it. 


If I understand correctly, then a Google Chrome application window opens and WebStorm breakpoints triggers on event from that browser.

So I would like to do the same but instead of separate instance of Google Chrome application I would prefer JBCefBrowser embedded into WebStorm, so that when the application page loads inside JBCefBrowser WebStorm breakpoints will trigger on that events. 


I see, thanks. To answer your question, no, it's not possible now to use JavaScriptDebuggerStarter with JBCefBrowser. A more low-level solution is needed now, which AFAIU will start JBCefBrowser with debugging port opened, and connect to it with com.jetbrains.debugger.wip.WipRemoteVmConnection. Hopefully, we'll add similar functionality to WebStorm some day.


Thank you for your time)


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