How to remove "Term Expected" from CSS inspections

Hi - Bootstrap 5 installs a long list of CSS classes. Many of those are missing a term for example: 

--bs-btn-font-family: ;

These creates an error flag inside the CSS file:  "term expected" 

However, when I turn off ALL CSS inspections term expected is still being expected. If I search "term expected" within the inspections, there are no results. 

So - bottom line: How to turn this alert off? 

Many Thanks ! 


Hi there,

This one?

If it is then it's not an Inspection (that can be turned on/off and sometimes configured). It would be a Parser/Lexer which is a lower level and not suppressible (as it's a syntax error).

If it's not the case -- provide a code sample and how it looks (the warning/error etc).


Yes - that is the one. Bugger .... not suppressible. 



Heres a stack-overflow post on it. It shows how to hide the error.


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