All JetBrains Products displays Red Screen


I previously created a ticket about my WebStorm screen turning Red.  I have the full license so I tried it on several Jetbrains products and the same is happening.   They told me to download WebStorm EAP and for a week or so that helped and I did not have the problem.  The problem has returned.  And even though I repaint by putting it in on another screen, within seconds it turns red again.  

I have also tried to manually resize the IDE window, enter and exit full screen; the IDE main menu is Red so I can't do anything there. 

Please help!!!


Hello, do you have F.lux or any other tool that manages display color profile? If you do, could you turn them off temporarily and see if this helps? Please additionally provide the following details:

1) Info from the System report | Hardware | Graphics/Displays

2) Your IDE About info captured using the "Copy" button in the dialog

3) Screenshot or screen recording demonstrating what exactly happens.

4) Screenshot of the OS Preferences | Displays with display properties of the screen where the issue shows up.

You can upload all the requested details to, just let us know the upload ID. Thank you!


I have disabled F.lux temporarily and will do as you say by the end of the day.  But I did notice something.  I have Jetbrains Toolbox set to update automatically and it looks like it updated Webstorm back to the troubled version.  So, I no longer had WebStorm 2022.3 EAP.  I have since disabled that automatic update and reinstalled the appropriate version WebStorm 2022.3 EAP.  We will see where we are shortly.  I feel rather silly that I did not previously consider that.  Thank you for your patience and your help.  Sincerely.  I will update you soon.



WebStorm EAP 2022.3 is the only version that doesn't turn completely red.  It has flickered red a few times in the last 24-hours but only for about half a second.  I code about 10 hours a day so that's not bad.  It's functional.  But, please bring attention to this matter.  I suspect I won't be the only one with this issue. 

Note:  I had already previously uploaded images which showed the. blood red screen so #3 on your list is done.  The entire IDE would turn red so there is no access to any OS preferences on the IDE that one can get to when that happens, so #4 is out.  If you would still like for me to send you numbers  1 and 2, let me know.  For now, however, as long as I do not update the IDE it is functional with small flickers of red here and there.




Koko Webdev yes, the red screen issue (JBR-4864) should in general be fixed in 2022.3. We are aware of the short flickering that still happens e.g. while changing the display color profile and the fix is going to be polished to resolve this completely.

For now no further details are needed from you, thank you once again for your report.


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