How to use xml dom api to auto resolve tag content ?


I am developing a plugin to resolve xml file, and I find a useful article  , but  I need to resolve xml content like below

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="us-ascii"?>
<AssetDeclaration xmlns:xsi="" xmlns="">




The  LogicCommand  tag define a command named Command_PurchaseAlliedInfantryUpgrade  ,  and the Cmd subtag use this command id in its content.  Now I want to resolve the text in Cmd to its definition (i.e.  the  LogicCommand with id attribute Command_PurchaseAlliedInfantryUpgrade) . In other word, when I ctrl click the text in Cmd , the editor will jump to id="Command_PurchaseAlliedInfantryUpgrade". Anyone know how to do it?

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Use ResolvingConverter and perform the resolve/completion in its implementation.


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