Simple click behaviour on code editor

Long time user of Visual Studio here and starting to using regulary Rider and Webstorm (which I love). 

I can't seem to figure out what is the selection rule when I simple click into some codes in the editor, particulary when I have to deal with HTML in Webstorm. 

It seems like it randomly do one of the following behaviours :

1 - select whole line (particulary annoying as the carret is still blinking at the spot you click, suggesting you wrongly that you will insert text in that spot)
2 - select a overspecific element (opening tag, attribute value, tag content, ..). Sometimes when you want to append inline style on an existing style attribute, it selects the ending double quote which is infurrianting as your next typing while erase that double quote (same thing with appending attributes when it select the '>',..)
4 - set the carret at the place I click

The fact that it's unpredictable for me makes it very annoying. Are there some settings that make possible to have the following behaviour : 

- simple click : Carret in the place I click
- double click : Select a word
- triple click : Select whole line 



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normally nothing is selected on single click, it just sets the caret position... If you click on a brace, the matching brace can be highlighted, clicking the identifier will highlight its occurrences in code, but nothing will be selected. Double click selects a word at caret

Please could you share a video recording of the issues you have mentioned? Do you have any keys pressed while clicking?


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