No reliable rust docs with clion

Is anyone else unable to see rust documentation within clion utilizing the rust plugin?  The only code that reliably gives me any data is project code I've written. Lets say I have the following 

fn main() {
    let names = vec!["Bob", "Frank", "Ferris"];

    for name in names.iter() {
        match name {
            _ => println!("Hello {}", name),
  println!("names: {:?}", names);

Mousing over or clicking on and crtl-q'ing ".iter()" gives me the message "no documentation found", same for any function that is used by the project.  There are a few macros that do produce documentation, println!() and vec![] both show correct documentation, 

I've tried Help | Find Action > Refresh Cargo Projects, invalidating caches, re-installing etc.  Has anyone had any luck fixing this?


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Today, I used the regex crate in CLion 2022.3 and got "no documentation found". But after "Refresh Cargo Projects", the documentation was found when using Ctrl-Q. So yes, in 2022.3 "Refresh Cargo Projects" was fixing it for me.


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