Windows docked to the top left side are being overlapped by other docked windows


I used to have the Commit window docked to the top left, and the Git Log window to the bottom. Now, the Commit window is docked always to the left, and goes from top to bottom. When I pull up the Git Log window, it overlaps the Commit window's bottom, hiding the "Commit" and "Push" buttons behind. I tried to dock the Commit window somewhere else, but it always occupies one full side, and whatever pulls out from another side, instead of resizing it, it overlaps it, hiding part of it completely.



This is the commit window (docked to the top-left, but occupying the entire left side)

This is the Git Log window covering the bottom part of the Commit window (instead of pushing the commit window upwards to keep the bottom part of the window accessible)


This also happens to the Project window and the Pull Request window (or any window docked to the top left). In the case of the Project window, it hides all of the files at the bottom, and it is impossible to reach them even by scrolling down.


I am using Pycharm 2022.2.3

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Could you please reproduce the behavior and gather logs as per:

Are there any 3rd party plugins installed?


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