ctrl-w behavior changed to close editor tab and removed and now surround template doesn't work anymore

hi, in the previous version of DataGrip I changed the shortcut ctrl-w behavior to close the current editor tab. I removed the shortcut again from closing the tabs because the surround template(s?) doesn't work anymore. When trying to invoke the surround templates with ctrl-alt-J DataGrip states: No surround templates defined in this context.

My goal is to disable the code-formatter for a piece of code.

What can I do?

Hi Leon,

The default combo for Surround With action is Ctrl Alt T or ⌥ ⌘ T if on Mac. Does it work with default combination of keys? Can you alternatively try to apply this action from Code - Surround With.

If you have particular live template settings configured, then please also attach a screenshot of the live template settings.

Hi Aleksandr, I don't know what happened but I checked the live templates and saw my special surround template was not there anymore. I created it again and the Ctrl-Alt-J shortcut works again. Sorry for bothering you ;)

Thanks for the update, Leon.

Glad I could help.

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