Set query console default to "Script", not "Playground"

My usage of DG has me almost always use switch a console to script, is there some way to make this the default? It’s currently pretty annoying having to switch it all the time, I never need the playground functionality.

Hi Christoph,

We use Playground as the default File Resolve mode for console instances, whereas we have Script mode set as default for SQL files. This behavior is by design, and you can't change it in the settings of DataGrip.

So is there any chance of improving the situation by adding it to settings? It made using DG far worse.

Please clarify your current use case of using Console with Script mode. We have SQL file where Script mode is set as default. What is preventing you from using SQL file for running SQL scripts? We'll need more context to address your concern.

The scripts are almost always ad-hoc, not reusable files. They rarely ever get saved. It’s mostly exploration and tuning.


Essentially, the old flow was:

Use databasename




The Playground mode requires me to submit after USE databasename for no reason at all (in my workflow; I literally never had any use for it).

Another use case is simply opening a table definition, which is fastest by doing what I did above, but instead of submitting I simply Ctrl+Click the table name. This also fails now.


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