How to import Local History after reinstalling Android Studio 2021.2


After reinstall Android Studio Chipmunk 2021.2 Patch 2 the Local History become empty, I've stored the whole AndroidStudio2021.2 folder that contain Local History files :


As you can see all files are there, the LocalHistory folder contains two files :

But when I click righ mouse -> Local History -> Show History it's empty.

How I can fix that, thank you.

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Hi Mouaadaitali Could you provide the IDE logs after restarting and clicking on Local History -> Show History? I couldn't reproduce the problem in Android Studio Dolphin | 2021.3.1 Patch 1. 

Also, please share your LocalHistory folder.

The files can be uploaded at (do not forget to specify the UploadID)

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Hi Egor Klepikov , thank you so much for your replay, here's the Local History folder :

Upload id: 2022_11_25_2rVF5WwWQzUiwotWet4pKh (files: changes.storageData, changes.storageRecordIndex)

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Regrettably, there is no possible solution for re-importing Local History if an IDE has been re-installed


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