Errors "Cannot resolve symbol"


I am having having issue with Intelliji when cloning a repo. It is a corporate laptop (MAC) and when I clone repo intelliji lists lots of errors. Most of them being Cannot resolve symbol. (screenshot attached).I have already tried invalidating caches, but doesnt help at all.

Hi Elvin,
Try closing the project and deleting (or renaming/moving aside) the entire .idea folder and any .iml files from its root. Then in the IDE, go to 'File | New | Project from existing sources' and select the source file for your project: pom.xml, build.gradle, root directory or something else depending on what kind of project it is.

Hello Arina, thanks for your comment, but unfortunately it didnt help. Just to let you know it is corporate comp, and I was wondering if there could be any blockers for dependency reach coming from company side? Cause I open same repo in my personal computer and everything is functioning properly. 

I'd have to look at the idea.log file to say for sure: 'Help | Show Log in Explorer'
You can upload it to and provide the upload id here.

Arina Efremova as per your request uploaded 
Upload id: 2022_11_29_u9qHjBedfNdcog7hRGq8ic (file: idea.log) 


Thank you.

Judging by the exceptions in the log, your (corporate?) firewall replaces the SSL certificate used by IDEA to initiate external connections during Maven import. 

A solution to that would be to install your custom root CA into the JDK specified in Maven's 'Importing' settings:

You might need to also add it to the IDE's Server Certificates and import it into the JDK's cacerts to avoid similar problems going forward.

Alternatively, you can try disabling the Package Checker bundled plugin. IDEA won't be performing vulnerability checks for dependencies in that case.


Arina Efremova thank you Arina, you were right, it was due to certificate issues, once it is added it resolved all the issues. 


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