BEST solution for sharing development env across devices


The setup:
- Desktop
- Laptop
- Headless server

The question:
What is the BEST way to share work between multiple devices. For example, suppose I'm working at my desk (e.g., IntelliJ on the desktop), and I see a rare break in the clouds, so I want to grab the laptop, and ride the bike down to the park and work there, picking up right where I left off on the desktop. When I get home, my desktop reflects the work I've done while down at the park.

I'm aware that JB offers several solutions (Fleet, Space, connect to remote IDE over SSH), but frankly, I'm a little overwhelmed as to which is the appropriate one for my needs. Any advice is greatly appreciated.



There is no universal "best".

What many companies do is use something like Citrix to provide virtual workstations that you can log in to from different computers (usually restricted by firewalls, obviously). Expensive and obviously comes with performance penalties but it's the most comprehensive solution you can go for.

Remote desktop solutions work similarly and can be cheaper.

Obviously all such solutions need extensive security in place to prevent intruders taking over your workstations and getting complete access to your network(s).


JetBrains gateway / remote server seems like the way to go for that use case:

Some people using tools like GitPod ( and GitHub CodeSpaces ( to make spinning up / keeping in sync dev environments super-simple by leveraging cloud-based configuration, storage, and even compute resources. Might also fit your use case, but YMMV of course.


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