How to debug JS running in Tomcat


I have some web pages that are generated from JSP files and served on Tomcat. I need to debug the JavaScript contained on those pages and can't figure out how to do it.

When I search for info on that, I find hints on how to:

  • Debug Java servlets running in Tomcat (I am already able to do that)
  • Debug static JavaScript files that can be loaded directly from the file system

But I don't see anything about debugging JavaScript contained in pages that are generated by the Tomcat server (in this case, from JSP pages).

Note that I am already able to debug Java servlets by creating a Tomcat server in intelliJ and running it in debug mode. When I do that, I can put breakppoints in my Java code and intelliJ will stop there when I do something in Chrome that ends up invoking that line. But if I put a breakpoint in a JavaScript file, intelliJ does not pause there.

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Tomcat run configuration has "With JavaScript debugger option".

Once connected, you can see the scripts loaded in Chrome and place the breakpoints in these scripts:

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Thx Serge, that did the trick!


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