SSH and SFTP timing out randomly

Hi, I'm having issues with SSH and SFTP in Phpstorm. They sometimes work and other times they don't. The issue is usually resolved after a restart of the IDE.

Another strange situation sometimes happens if I go to Tools > Deployment then test a connection, it times out, but then if I click on the ... button on the SSH configuration row and then test it from the proceeding window, then the connection works successfully. I haven't set anything as "Visible only for this project"

Please can you let me know how we can debug this together.



Please try settings the keep-alive interval to 10 seconds in the SSH configuration properties.
If it doesn't help, please add #com.intellij.ssh, #sshj, and #com.jetbrains.plugins.webDeployment to Help | Diagnostic Tools | Debug Log Settings, reproduce the issue, and then share your logs (Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data) using our upload service.


Hello, thank you for your response. The keep-alive setting change did not work. I turned on the logging provided and have attached the outputted log file. Upload ID: 2022_12_12_cpYXyERTg2bV1VgnwqY464


Thank you for providing the logs! However, I don't see a single successful attempt to connect to the *.1.37 server.
You mentioned that the issue goes away after you restart the IDE; is it valid for this server as well?


What can I say, I made it work, it obviously wasn't logged. This problem has existed for over a year, I have put up with it, tried to report it in the past, I'm surprised the bug still exists.

Like I say, for multiple hosts this happens, when I test connection from the SSH configurations page, they work, but not if I close that window and go back to the Deployment window.


And yes, it does work when I restart, this occurs again for multiple hosts I have setup, then the issue will reappear after some time.


I don't see any hints on why that might be happening in the logs, unfortunately. I don't see any similar reports on the tracker either.
Before I submit it to the issue tracker, do you have an antivirus and/or a firewall? If you do, could you please check if disabling them helps when you encounter the issue again?


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