EditorActionManager is not getting hit in between auto-closed parantheses


In my plugin I've registered an action handler to do something when the tab key is hit:

editorActionManager.setActionHandler(ACTION_EDITOR_TAB, EditorActionTabHandler(oldTabHandler))

This works well in most circumstances, but I noticed that if my caret is between two auto-closed characters (like quotes, parentheses, or braces), hitting tab simply moves my caret past the closed character and doesn't ever hit my action handler. 

For example, suppose I type (where | represents my caret / cursor)

x = (|

My IDE automatically inserts a closing parenthesis:

x = (|)

Now when I hit tab, the caret is moved to the right of the parenthesis:

x = ()|

but my action handler is never called. Any idea why?


I did solve the problem. I now have two action handlers, one that responds to ACTION_EDITOR_TAB and one that responds to ACTION_BRACE_OR_QUOTE_OUT.

editorActionManager.setActionHandler(ACTION_EDITOR_TAB, EditorActionTabHandler(oldTabHandler))
editorActionManager.setActionHandler(ACTION_BRACE_OR_QUOTE_OUT, EditorActionTabOutHandler(oldBraceOrQuoteOutHandler))

The EditorActionTabOutHandler looks like this:

class EditorActionTabOutHandler(old: EditorActionHandler) : EditorActionHandler() {
    private val oldHandler = old
    override fun doExecute(editor: Editor, caret: Caret?, dataContext: DataContext?) {
      if (/* plugin specific logic */) {
/* handle TAB command */
        oldHandler.execute(editor, caret, dataContext)

    override fun isEnabledForCaret(
        editor: Editor,
        caret: Caret,
        dataContext: DataContext?
    ): Boolean {
        val caretOffset: Int = caret.offset
        val isTabOut = TabOutScopesTracker.getInstance().hasScopeEndingAt(editor, caretOffset)
      val shouldHandleTabCommand = /* plugin specific logic */
      return isTabOut || shouldHandleTabCommand

So now when a user hits Tab in a situation where it would normally invoke the ACTION_BRACE_OR_QUOTE_OUT handler, it hits this handler instead which checks if my plugin should handle the tab. If it shouldn't, it lets the Tab Out action happen. Hopefully that makes sense.


I guess I handled this by also registering an action handler for ACTION_BRACE_OR_QUOTE_OUT



Could you please clarify the last message? Did you solve the problem? If so, how did you do it with ACTION_BRACE_OR_QUOTE_OUT?


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