How to configure remote interpreter in pycharm 2022.2.4?

In earlier versions (such as 2021.3.3), I can easily configure the remote interpreter (such as adjusting the SFTP configuration of the SSH remote interpreter), as shown in the first figure in the attachment. However, in the current latest version (2022.2.4), I can only edit the name of the interpreter, and cannot make more settings. As shown in the second figure, can I ask whether such rich settings in the earlier version have been removed from the existing version? This function is really important to me, thank you!

Upload id: 2022_12_01_26oe3v9jhN9Nv3sRU4jrvm (files: 1.png, 2.png)

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Unfortunately, the window has been replaced.

The issue is already addressed and covered by this ticket. Please vote for it to receive updates.

As for now, I'd suggest using 2021.3.3 if this feature is crucial.


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