New settings sync 2022.3 not working with Jetbrains Gateway



When i try to enable the new settings sync feature in my gateway setup nothing happens when i click "Log in with JetBrains Account..."



well thats unfortunate to hear :S


Olga Mulina Is there a place where we can put in feature requests? Maybe with enough upvotes there will be a motivation to add it to the roadmap. The new settings sync is  awesome and it's really a bummer the JetBrains Gateway doesn't support it and I need to keep re-doing all my configurations again.

That's specially a pain because the projects in the gateway doesn't seem to share settings between them and in my company we work on several small projects at the same time (my gateway, for example, has at least 12 different projects) and I need to configure the same things over and over and over.


Bernardosouzareis, I made an issue in our YouTrack regarding this question. 
Unfortunately, the task is quite difficult; that's why it hasn't been implemented yet and will not be included in the 2023.1 release. However, please be assured that we are aware of it and are working on it. Thank you for your understanding.


Unfortunately, at the moment, our new Settings Sync plugin doesn't work with JetBrains Gateway; it works with ordinary desktop IDE instances. We haven't got plans for the near future to implement the feature for Gateway.


> Unfortunately, at the moment, our new Settings Sync plugin doesn't work with JetBrains Gateway; it works with ordinary desktop IDE instances. We haven't got plans for the near future to implement the feature for Gateway.

Very sad to hear but hopefully it will work soon otherwise I can't connect my Windows client to the gateway on WSL without manually copying loads of settings and plugins across.

Or maybe there's an alternative we can use?


Olga Mulina thanks for the response. I can imagine how difficult it is given how complex the architecture of the Jetbrains IDEs are. To be honest I wouldn't be having all this trouble if it wasn't for Windows WSL and all the bugs that are associated with it, so I appreciate the alternatives Jetbrains has been offering lately to work around some of that (like using Jetbrains Gateway for better performance with WSL).


I understand that it's complex, but I'm just adding my thumbs up here as well. I have been excited for the remote development feature so that I can do all of my .NET development in WSL2. Unfortunately it feels like a no-go if I can't sync my Rider settings to the Gateway as well :(  


I'm sad to hear this.

Using Jetbrains IDEs directly inside WSL2 with a XServer is the current best solution, but it's not really ideal.

I wish Gateway really hope gateway support for it improves.


 :(  This feature is crucial. Olga Mulina Please publish the feature issue link so we can vote and subscribe


I even tried manually copying settings (exporting to zip, then importing) and to no avail. So, I disabled repository based settings synchronization because this option appeared in JetBrains Gateway… and the button does nothing.

So, both options exist in PhpStorm's (gateway) interface, yet none of them actually work? Odd.


We are still working on settings synchronization. Please follow this issue for progress:

Can you please share your experience in more detail? Did you try to import a keymap or all settings at once?

I really hope this drops this year because until then we can't subscribe to any products. Continue to trial it once a year though and am hopeful we can eventually use it.

The most mission critical settings to sync which do not currently:

1. Chosen default shell, right now we'd have to choose zsh over bash hundreds of times, once for each new connection.

2. Tool locations. We all moved our tree view (and all tools) to the right since it doesn't cause your code to jump left/right as they are toggled. Currently we have to drag each icom from the left to the right on the first connection.

3. After a couple connections, settings sync is permanently disabled due do ‘invalid credentials’. The only way to fix it seems to be to delete the remote connection and set it up again.


Wave Yeasty 0p hello,

Thank you for sharing. In short, we plan to make the experience as close to the local IDE as possible.

1. I've checked this on 2024.1 - it should already save per IDE, not per project.

2. The position of the tool window is saved between sessions, but not between projects for now.

3. This could be because it's not ready yet. We will test it carefully when the feature is finished.


Semyon Martynchik 

1. When connecting to one workspace with PHPStorm 2024.1 through Gateway it defaults to /bin/bash and then needed changed to zsh. Then disconnecting and connecting to another workspace it's /bin/bash again, and had to change it. It seems this needs manually changed for every remote connection. The setting stays across all local instances of the IDE but not for every remote connection. I got around this for now by adding the PHP Storm / options / terminal.xml file to my dotfiles and having it automatically copy into the correct directory whenever a new workspace boots up.
2. Did the same for this by adding window.layouts.xml to my dotfiles. The only thing I can't figure out is the correct label for moving “More tools” over to the right. Managed to move everything else using this file.


Wave Yeasty 0p 

I think these are exactly the cases that settings sync was designed to solve. Hopefully we will be able to deliver it in the near future.


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