New UI Missing Tasks and Context


Is there a way to show the Tasks and Context in the new UI?  I use this feature all the time and find it useful at a quick glance to know what task I am working on when I open the IDE.  I know I can go to the Tools menu to see but that is a bit of a pain.


There's a request to return Tasks & context switcher to the main toolbar by default, please upvote IDEA-296392 and follow it for updates. 

So far you can add task switcher to the toolbar via IDE Settings, please see the description of the mentioned ticket for exact steps.


I was searching for this too. I use it very often. There would be more than enough space to place that in the new window header toolbar. 


Thanks, that is exactly what I was looking for and I upvoted it as well!


Thanks Ekaterina Valeeva! this introduced me to modifying the toolbar which I did not know about.


Here is something wrong with "Switch Tasks..." widget.

I have it in my panel:


But there is no switcher in the panale actually:

I see this problem for PhpStorm 2023.1.2 Build #PS-231.9011.38, built on May 17, 2023

Before it was here.


There was a change and you have to enable it in the toolbar as well. I'm doing this from memory but I believe the option is in the settings under Tools | Tasks. If I'm wrong I'll repost after I've l logged onto my PC.


Also this change didn't affect just the new UI but the classic UI as well.


Got it! Thank you Eric.

It's in File->Settings->Tools->Tasks, Display task switch in toolbar option..


Awesome, knew it was something like that!


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