Why do you want to ruin everything with new UI?


The existing UI is awesome, why are you messing with it and ruining your product?

I like the old textual panels, they are compact and descriptive, I can organize them to my liking. I don't like these large icons and I do not understand what do they mean. I need to click and guess to find a panel I want. I don't like the amount of space these panels take.

I don't like that hamburger popup menu. Who gave you idea that a smartphone style popup menu is a good idea for a desktop product?

I'm sure that third-party plugin developers won't be dedicating much effort to own icons with consistent design, so all these panels will look like a crap zoo of ugly icons of different shapes and sizes.

I've been using JetBrains products since 2004 (ReSharper) and 2009 (IDEA) and you're destroying everything.

Find another way to occupy yourself, put your hands off the existing UI, no one asked you to do it, so just don't do it. Don't fix something that isn't broken.

If you want it to look like VS Code, then I will rather cancel my subscription and switch to VS Code. At least they have a larger community for the same iconish UI.

Official comment

JetBrains did not remove Classic UI in 2023.3.1, nor have we planned to turn it off entirely in 2024.*. 

I believe a lot of users will unsubscribe if you get rid of the old UI. We pay for this product instead of using VS Code because we don't want to use VS Code, and are paying for that privilege. You should stop trying to emulate a free product and leave the UI alone - I realize with an excess budget and too many idle hands it can be hard to "do nothing", but sometimes doing nothing and bug fixing is the best course of action. Take the money you have as a company and realize it as profit, rather than using it to actively destroy your great UI like a lot of other companies have done in the visual dumbing down trend. Analyze your target audience here and ask.. "does it really make sense to sunset a UI that people are paying us to use?". If you become too much like VS Code, I'll simply use VS Code instead.


This seems to be an unstoppable global trend, everything becomes simplified and minified, customizability and complexity disappear. Sad that IntelliJ no except from this. Something is handy and perfect, then has to be changed. I hope current UI keeps up as long as possible.


The new UI is just ugly.


So will you support both UIs for the long term? Or will the new UI replace the old in the near future?


Leaving this to support that the current UI is at its best, is COMPACT + easily accessible + easily customisable per liking and  there is really no need for new UI, the statement it comes up with: `removing visual obstacles and clutter`, thats absolutely not true, the clutter mentioned is the easy to reach configurable menus I and many devs use per day basis, so finding them elsewhere is like adding a pain point in daily workflow.

If u do wish to continue new UI support, then I can just say please dont discontinue the traditional one.


I am using JetBrains IDEEs for the last 10 years, one of the key factors was the nice UI and how well all tools are connected with it. Moving to the new UI, it seems you are forcing me to use VS Code - and I don't really like it. This is probably the last year I am going to renew my personal license and as Architect - I am not going to advocate for renewing the license in my company (30 licenses less) 


Totally agree with "We pay for this product instead of using VS Code because we don't want to use VS Code, and are paying for that privilege." statement. The day old UI will see it's sunset will be the day I'll (and pretty much our whole company) return to Visual Studio (not the overrated notepad called VSCode, but to the full Visual Studio IDE). I know, this thread is for IntelliJ, but new UI is pulling it's tentacles to the whole Jetbrains IDE ecosystem


I agree with leaving the old UI alone. But the real issue is when members from the JetBrains team, like Nadia, write that, "For now, we have no plans to eliminate the traditional UI". The problem is the "For now" part, which indicates that they plan to get rid of the traditional UI at some point and probably already have a date when they intend to make it final... quite similar to what Microsoft did when first introducing Windows 10.

It comes down to money. Yes, I said it. I really think the introduction of the new UI stems from this industry being a competitive market. Let's not forget that this is a business and JetBrains are trying to get more customers - make more money basically.

I don't think it comes from a place of JetBrains having analysed feedback from current customers who have said they want the UI to be changed because it's clear that we don't want it to be changed. At the very least, JetBrains have probably lost customers (lost money), former customers that jumped shipped and are now using VS Code or another tool. Also, as others have mentioned, they are trying to attract more customers (make more money) by mimicking VS Code. If and when they remove the traditional UI, I will discontinue my subscription.


Hi Nadia thanks that's reassuring. One thing I don't like the look of is the lack of text next to icons (eg: "Notifications", "Database") etc. There should be an option to keep this as I don't want to memorize icons


@Jetbrains: It's fine if you experiment a bit. However, please note that the old UI is simply more convenient in terms of navigation. Real developers care about actual usage, not looks, so please continue to support the old UI if not even canceling the new UI and completely reworking it.


Ekaterina Valeeva

For example, the fact that you have to expand a lot more before you can access everything that was previously in the toolbar at the top. The old UI simply requires fewer clicks there. With the new UI, you have to click a lot more, which is a disadvantage for developers who aren't very familiar with shortcuts, which would be much faster naturally. However, it seems that the majority still use the UI a lot by clicking. In my opinion, it would be better to have more buttons like in the old UI instead of expanding everything.

Also, the new UI has fewer labels and relies more on icons, which is better in part because it allows for a more compact design, but sometimes causes confusion. I would be a bit more careful there.


I tried the new UI and very strongly dislike it. All the feature seem to be gone (or most likely hidden away somewhere). I hope you guys are doing some UI studies to understand if people actually like the new UI.

Especially Bazel integration is not working well with the new UI. For example the target configuration (which you access from the top right) doesn't show most of the info in the old UI.

I agree that the new UI needs a reboot, where it is actually better than the old one.




I tried the new UI (for PyCharm Professional especially). Not everything is bad, but I noticed somewhat "different" behaviour of the menus. They do not feel "native" anymore (which is bad of course). It feels like kind of an Electron app (or worse). Do you use another GUI toolkit for the new UI? (I'm on Ubuntu and on WIndows).

One general comment: I do not like the pure Icon based toolbar; the textual one was better for fast recognizing the tools.


Agreeing with people who blame new UI. Yes, I have seen people who use new UI and are fine with it. They are mostly young people with the background in VS Code. However I have not seen anyone from the old users of IDEA who liked the new UI. Literally no one. The only comment they have – «we tried it and it makes our life worse». Personally I failed to start using, but tried to start at least twice. I have more than 16 years of experience with Idea, and it gave me great productivity during these years, but with the new UI it feels just as you become handless, and this feeling is horrible. So please don’t do it default. As a side option for new comers – OK, but not as a default for everyone


I see that JetBrains is moving towards a completely unnecessary minimalist trend. Even if the new UI works well and without errors, the distaste for this new interface will continue, and may even increase. I see on forums that programmers are organizing to migrate to other development platforms, stop renewing their licenses and encourage their companies to drop JetBrains products.
My suggestion is that you listen more to your users, really respect them and don't impose changes.


One point I really miss is the ability to have multiple tool windows open at the same time in one column. e.g. project and structure in on the left. In the new UI I can open only one at the time (or the setting is somewhere hidden to enable it).

Showing project in "top left" and structure in "left bottom" look different in the current and the new UI.

current UI:
- both tool windows are displayed in one column left from the current editor

new UI:
- both are now shown in "top left", either project or structure is shown in a column left from the editor
- after activating "left bottom" for the structure it is shown in a row below the editor with full window width


All it ever takes is one individual, with a passion to hold on to something that was perfect, to incorporate a new company, make a new IDE, and attract a customer base from a company that abandoned them. I hope Jetbrains has thought this through that abandoning their loyal subscribers in the hope of offering a copycat tool (VSC clone) to a new generation of developers is worth it. A tool this new generation can already get for free that they must somehow now pay for by switching to a new company? Doesn't make sense to me.. but what do I know, I'm just one person.


I landed here because a minor update today (2023.3.4) completely wrecked my UI by switching to the new version without asking for permission. For a moment I was really confused, WTAF, did I launch VSCode by accident, it's so unrecognizable. I know this comment will be ignored, just like many other companies ignore loyal customers, but it's just one more voice of “can we PLEASE stop with the dumbification of the world”? The old UI already has all that's necessary to move away the clutter you don't need. But it also allows you to set things up in an efficient manner, with exactly what you need right there.
And yes, yes, sure, for now I can still switch back - but for how long? The old UI gives me exactly what I want, at my fingertrips and glance of an eye. I look towards certain areas and click some of the tools probably tens if not hundreds of times a day. I still hate the change on Commit dialog and taking away the immediate view of my current changes in Git tab, and I have to keep reverting it because every now and again update makes it go back to this new stupid default. Making what I need 5 clicks away instead of 1, or only available on hover rather than immediately visible at all times, or everything switching to dumb icons instead of simple text, is NOT simplifying my life or improving my experience.
I am truly dreading the day when JetBrains fully decommisions the old UI. As others said, if what's out there is unrecognizable from  dumbed-down VSCode and behaves like it, even though I hate it, I may just as well not-pay-for-IntelliJ-and-use-VSCode-and-still-hate-it. Or just cancel subscription and keep using the last version before the old UI goes away, for free.
Really sad to see this trend of “treat your customers as idiots with no attention span” reached JetBrains as well.


Why do UI/UX designers have to ruin everything?? If it works leave it alone, ive seen similar trends with youtube,twitter,github, reddit and even games like league of legends. Im convinced UI/UX designers change random stuff for no reason just to look busy and its so annoying. Please do not make this permanent- no one asked for it or complained, if they did please show me where..


In the old UI I was able to find anything in the new one I can hardly find what I need.


Nadia Tarashkevich It's pretty obvious jetbrains isn't listening - we don't want a dumbed down UI we can talk to or type things in a search bar to find. We want organized, intuitive settings like the way they currently exist in the traditional UI. There is absolutely no need for any dumbing down, “simplicity”, “minimification”, “modern design”, “reduction of visual clutter”, “distractionless environment”, or whatever hip thing you want to call it - we don't want it. I also don't want an AI that can do everything for me unless it's within a specific tab on Chrome that I ask it questions to for very specific things with very specifically worded prompts in order to minimize its errors - I don't want it integrated everywhere.

And I'm still so very curious how you plan to monetize jetbrains products in the future for this newfound VSC crowd you're targeting. Why would they use a paid VSC clone when they can get VSC free? We're paying for the lack of dumbification. What reason is there to stay in your ecosystem once you do just that?


So, a recap on Dec 2023:

- The new UI is ugly, unusable compared to the previous, the fonts and the spacings are terrible, the features are hidden;

- You plan to remove the classic completely. 

- You disabled all the features to customize the classic UI (you did this on purpose and you ignore the youtrack tickets). 

This is not the JetBrains I knew, developer FIRST, dumb UX designers IF NEEDED. 

I will never switch to the new UI, the classic is just perfect. And with me many others. If you will force us to do so, prepare to lose a lot of subscriptions - for the idea of some dumb manager of yours, which dreams a full icon UI and just talks with UX dumb designers, ignoring what the users want.

This is the recap at the end of 2023. 


Hi Nadia yes that issue surmises exactly the way I feel, I'll upvote that


> Regarding the Java part - there are the following inspections configurable under IDE File | Settings | Editor | Inspections:...


Thank you ! I was not aware of that ! 


Overall it's a difference in how things feel to the person. My personal POV in this space is there's no reason why everyone should not be able to have what they want. As JB is the sole provider, I wanted to make you aware that this new UI is not what I want and maybe some insight as to why.  FFF - form follows function. A tool is only beautiful because it's beloved and it's only beloved because its useful. Working it the other way, trying to make it look like something sleek or cool is just driving down the street in the wrong direction. Sooner or later, reality is going make itself known.  

Regarding AI being online only, did you know  that Google is starting a pilot program to have their devs' machines DIS-connected from the internet while at work? Right now it's voluntary. Of course it's about security. 

Honestly I am happy to have all my eggs in one basket having JB be my sole provider for all things programming but if I can't get something potentially useful from JB,  I'll have to look elsewhere for that part of my tooling. 

The overall risk / benefit (not to say convenience) of having your dev machine being online will be different for each team and project , obviously. JB has to know that for some teams and people, it's absolutely no-go territory forever.

Just the way I've seen UIs go into devolution, I've seen security go into devolution too. The fact that companies are willing to put the technology and information which constitutes their own competitive advantage and corporate strategy online, and worse, into the hands of entities which are their direct competitors or known-to-be-unethical actors amazes me.

The idea that Microsoft is, for some reason,  not data mining 24 / 7 / 365 the internal correspondence of all the companies which use Office365 is a joke to me. The accumulated information they have access to is invaluable for everything from their finance department''s stock market investing to their own internal commercial strategy to which  companies they decide to buy / invest in and how they advise them. 

But that's OK because these same people happily put Alexa in their homes and  give China, via 23AndMe, their literal personal DNA and those of their families.  What could possibly go wrong ? 

So there's just a failure in reality testing, foresight and the concepts of adversarial analysis going on across all domains.

So,now you know more than you ever wanted to about how one of your customers sees things ! 





I have tried this new UI for about a month now and it is a major step backword.  Why is there a janky shared main menu? This completely breaks multiple monitors and virtual desktops. The giant icons and empty menus make this look and feel like a toy. Stop trying to copy vscode. Stop trying to copy Mac. Keep building great tools with the great UI you've had for years. 


Nadia Tarashkevich  don't you think it's a bit strange? I mean you tell us to vote for some issues. Let's consider two possibilities for people who don't like the new UI: those who don't know about the issue you suggest here (thousands) and people who knows about it (20 people max). What do you expect? I appreciate democratic approach, however I want to remind you that Idea was not born in a “democratic way” - no one voted for anything. Just some very smart people came together 23 years ago and decided what MUST BE IN THE BEST JAVA IDE. This is what we as users expect. The core of the product including UI comes from mid-00's, but it's not because people are lazy to change it, it's because it was done with perfection back then and most of the things do not need change. 
I don't expect you to want me voting for anything, I expect Idea to be best Java IDE for serious usage and with new UI it's obviously not the case. So just be smart as your founders, don't make bad moves.  


java developer no no, the classic UI is still there, you can safely do the update. JB claims to remove it after version 2024.2, or at least they will stop supporting it.




Liliana Ziolek hello and welcome to our small but very stubborn club, which existence is known by Jetbrains, but I'm not sure they care much. If they will not give you a meaningful answer (I'm a pessimist about them since this issue had arised) at least I can sympathize with you, having experienced the same shock from what I saw in the pew UI.


I also disagree with changing the UI. It took a decade to make everything work, you never ever gone put in all feature that someone liked about it by the time we will switch, for example I know users using vertical tabs is rare, but for me and the way I organize myself it is highly valued.

Now this is but just one feature. There are a lot of other features someone else likes and it is highly likely that you will ship the new UI unfinished, meaning with a ton of lacking features, meaning everyone will be pissed of by it.

It seems to be the nature of bigger companies to turn themselfs against there customers at one point. Even if the old UI technology is outdated, you could have just let the customers vote in which direction the wheel should turn, but you seem to comfortable pushing your agenda.


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