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I just published my first release of Live Coding in Python after switching to a Gradle build, and there are a couple of problems.

  1. It sets the until-build when I didn't want it to. I think I've fixed that by adding untilBuild.set("") to patchPluginXml in my Gradle build file.
  2. It only generates compatibility verification results for IDEA Ultimate. I can request other IDEs, though. Is there a way to get it to generate them all automatically? Do the other IDEs matter, or is IDEA Ultimate the important one? I used type.set("IC") in my Gradle build file, so I'm not sure why it generated IDEA Ultimate results instead of IDEA Community.

Once I remove the until-build setting, will the plugin be visible to IDEA and PyCharm users?

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Hi Don,

1. Try to set:

intellij {

and the sinceBuild property:

tasks {
 patchPluginXml {
  sinceBuild.set("your value)

2. Please see and


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