Sync projects between 2 macbook's.

Hi. I'm using WebStorm on 2 computers creating the same projects. They are macbooks. I sync projects files via iCloud. How to safely set file synchronization in Webstorm. For example, on computer no. 1 I finish work and close it, on computer no. 2 I start work - icloud files have not yet synchronized and Webstorm uploads old files to the server from computer 2.

I want to disable automatic sending of files after starting Webstorm or enable synchronization instead of sending.


I'd suggest using version control systems (Git, etc.) instead of iCloud to share the projects. I have no idea what can be done on IDE end to change the way files are synced with iCloud


I use git, of course, but there are projects in which he participates and git is not there, unfortunately. the problem showed up today. after updating webstorm to the latest version all local history was deleted. a file modified many times this week has only one entry - external change.


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