is there a way to configure rubymine / intellij to open a local html file in external browser on command/control-click

In my consoles in Rubymine I often get tests splitting out local html files on error with full paths. Rubymine linkifies them and when I click on this it opens them in the default editor.

Ages ago it used to be possible to use control-click / command-click to open these in an external browser. 

Is this possible at all? Is there a feature request for this?

Otherwise it's three several clicks before opening it in a browser.

(ditto for images but that's a separate thing).


I'm not sure this has ever worked this way... The IDE opens HTTP URLs in browser, but the local files are opened in editor


Hello , Tim Diggins i also face the same issue it deepens on the factors In RubyMine, go to "Preferences" (macOS) or "Settings" (Windows/Linux) from the "File" menu.
In the Preferences/Settings window, Myjdfaccount navigate to "Editor" > "File Types."
In the "Recognized File Types" list, find "HTML" and select it.
In the "Registered Patterns" section, click the "+" button to add a new pattern.
Enter *file://* (without quotes) as the pattern. This pattern will match local file URLs.
Click "OK" to save the changes.


I hope you like my answer i always try to give my best thank you.


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